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CHHO / Copenhagen

We are a small physically shop among many in Copenhagen, but we try to make a difference. With customers around the globe, we therefor represent our univers though our web-shop.

This is a Back to Basic concept store, where we value handcrafting, slowfashion, raw material and loves the story telling behind our products. We focus on products made to last, on high quality items that look better the more you wear them

Here you will find clothing for both men & women, accessories and interior, all carefully handpicked by us. We Strike to find and offer smaller brands from all over the world that share the same values as us, when it comes to aesthetics and high quality. We do not care much about current trends and what is fashionable.

We do our best to make you fell comfortable when you visit us and also give you the best personal customer service we possibly can.

Besides the front shop we also have two workspaces, hair workspace and clothes repair workspace.

Come by and visit CHHO store in Nørrebro.
In the area you will experience a laid back and local vibe, with small coffee shops, small retail shops and Empire cinema.

We do prefer you to stop by, as this shop surprises you;) But supporting us online is also appreciated.

– We will look forward to seeing you!

Good Love & Karma / Mr. & Mrs. CHHO

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